• Taśmy Stark
  • Taśmy pakowe
  • Taśmy pakowe z nadrukiem
  • Folie stretch
  • Etykiety samoprzylepne
Taśmy StarkFolie stretchTaśmy pakoweEtykiety samoprzylepneTaśmy pakowe z nadrukiem

Foam tape

High adhesion to all surfaces (metal, wood, glass, plastic). Resistant to ageing, UV light, oils and plastificizers. Used mainly in permanent fixing of different materials. Perfect for insulating and fixing uneven surfaces.

Available in:

  • white (to use indoors)
  • black (to use outdors)
black25 mm x 5 m
white25 mm x 10 m
black19 mm x 5 m
white19 mm x 5 m
white19 mm x 1,5 m
white25 mm x 5 m
white19 mm x 10 m
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