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Self-adhesive labels

Self-adhesive foil labels

Exceptionally durable and elastic. Perfect even when exposed to water or oil. Resistant to external factors. Long lasting effect. Stable and elastic, ideal for both big and small boxes. Overprint of high quality. Smooth surface. Visually effective.


Self-adhesive labels on a roll

Easy and comfortable way of presenting important information on packages. Plain labels enable the client to design and print the text on his own. Available in a variety of colors: thermal transfer printing – with coloring tape; long lasting; mechanical and chemical resistance depending on coloring tape; available in: matte, half shine and shine. thermal […]


Sheet labels

Standard A4 and A5 labels, used when industrial productivity is not required. Ideal for printing equipment (laser, ink and needle printers as well as copying machines). Used for marking wares, labelling bottles, addressing envelopes and advertising. Very clear print. Available in a variety of sizes to fulfil individual requirements. Matt paper with the highest quality […]


Self-adhesive labels on a roll with standard overprint

Easy and clear marking of packages which require individual treatment during transport, storage or delivery. SizeOverprintItems per roll 100 mm x 100 mmDO NOT THROW100 100 mm x 100 mmDOCUMENTS ENCLOSED100 100 mm x 100 mmCHECK THE CONTENT100 100 mm x 100 mmFRAGILE100 100 mm x 100 mmTHIS SIDE UP100


Self-adhesive labelas on a roll with custom overprint

Easy and clear marking of packages, original form of advertising. Necessary information can be accompanied by a company logo. Used in a wide range of applications. Available on: paper (thermo transfer, thermal) foil (polypropylene, polyethylene) Type of overprint: thermo transfer – one color only (black), eg. for bar code flexographic up to 8 colors (matched […]


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