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STARK STANDARD packaging tape

STARK STANDARD packaging tapes with ecological glue based on synthetic rubber are characterised by exceptionally strong initial adhesion. They can be used in high as well as low temperature. They adhere perfectly to various types of surfaces. STARK STANDARD tapes are perfect for heavy as well as light boxes..     Specifications: exceptionally strong adhesion […]


NATURAL RUBBER packaging tape (HOT-MELT)

Single sided, on strong and long lasting BOPP foil. Modified ecological glue based on synthetic rubber. High initial adhesion and resistance to high as well as low temperature. Perfect for both light and heavy boxes. Available in: clear, white, brown. Available in different sizes. Description: ecological glue based on synthetic rubber strong adhesion to all surfaces […]


HAND stretch film (black)

The best, easiest and most effective way to protect packages stored on paletts. Perfect cover, stabilisation, protection against dirt, dampness and theft. Available in a variety of sizes and warps, depending on customers’ requirements. Description: manual packing only 500 mm wide (available also in different sizes) LLDPE material length and weight depending on customers’ requirements […]


Self-adhesive foil labels

Exceptionally durable and elastic. Perfect even when exposed to water or oil. Resistant to external factors. Long lasting effect. Stable and elastic, ideal for both big and small boxes. Overprint of high quality. Smooth surface. Visually effective.



LDPE foil, made of low-density polyethylene. High quality of materials. Available in one- and multi-layer. Modification process is dependant on foil type and materials used in the prodution. Foils are produced: by exhaust, with the highest quality materials with modern machinery in forms of tapes, sleeves and half-sleeves (100-2400 mm wide) thickness from 20 to […]


WHITE&RED warning foil

Folia ogrodzeniowa może być stosowana do ostrzegania i zabezpieczania głównie przy organizacji imprez i event’ów na wolnym powietrzu, wytyczaniu szlaków rowerowych, rajdach samochodowych, wydzielaniu terenu. Ze względu na rzucającą się w oczy czerwono-białą kolorystykę polecana jest do odgradzania miejsc niebezpiecznych, jak strefy budowy, remontów czy miejsca wypadków drogowych. Folia ogrodzeniowa bez kleju jest przeznaczona do […]


PP Polypropylene packaging tape

Used mainly for wrapping small packages, boxes and newspapers. In bigger and heavier packaging or transport, PP tape may cease to function properly. For this purpose, PET tape is strongly advised. Available in: light: 5-8 mm medium: 9-12 mm heavy: 14-19 mm


Pallet wrapper

Our cooperation with Strapmet company allows us to offer a wide range of packaging system solutions. Knowledge, experience and ongoing practice of the Strapmet experts guaranties efficiency and high comfort of use.


PET polyester packaging tape

Increasingly popular. Guaranteed high quality and protection. Durability comparable to steel tapes. High temperature and UV light resistant. Damp-proof. Flexibility higher than in steel tapes. Elasticity higher than in PP tape. Used mainly in: construction industry food industry steel industry wood industry other


Stretching machine

Inexpensive, handy and universal tool perfect for packing large-size as well as small loads. Applies to PP tapes, PET tapes and wire pins available on the market.


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