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Paper and specialty tapes

PP Polypropylene packaging tape

Used mainly for wrapping small packages, boxes and newspapers. In bigger and heavier packaging or transport, PP tape may cease to function properly. For this purpose, PET tape is strongly advised. Available in: light: 5-8 mm medium: 9-12 mm heavy: 14-19 mm


PET polyester packaging tape

Increasingly popular. Guaranteed high quality and protection. Durability comparable to steel tapes. High temperature and UV light resistant. Damp-proof. Flexibility higher than in steel tapes. Elasticity higher than in PP tape. Used mainly in: construction industry food industry steel industry wood industry other


Aluminium tape

Works perfectly even in extreme conditions. Exceptionally high resistance to chemials, weather conditions and high temperature (up to 150°C). Size 50 mm x 50


Plastic bag’s closing tape

Available in a variety of colors. Recommended for closing bags with bread or fruit. With natural rubber glue. High initial adhesion. We highly recommend using steel sealing machine for easier and faster application. Available in: clear, white, red, green, blue and yellow. Size: 9 i 12mm


Double sided tape

EURO-TAPE. High adhesion. Peeling resistant. Used mainly for fast, comfortable and easy fastening of floor-covering, tiles and other floor materials. Provides perfectly stable and even surfaces. Used in office and household as well as children’s artistic corner. Size 50 mm x 5 50 mm x 10 38 mm x 5 50 mm x 25 38 […]


Strengthened double sided tape

EURO-TAPE. Exceptionally high initial adhesion, also to rough and uneven surfaces. Peeling resistant. Used mainly for fast and easy fastening of floor-covering, tiles and other floor materials. Easy to tear with hands. High comfort of use. Size 50 mm x 10 50 mm x 10 50 mm x 25 38 mm x 5 38 mm […]


Masking tape (EUROCEL)

EUROCEL tape is recommended in paint-shops and factories. High elasticity. Surface protection even for 30 minutes in temperature up to 80°C. Size 50 mm x 19 50 mm x 25 50 mm x 30 50 mm x 38 50 mm x 50


Masking tape (EURO-TAPE)

Single sided paper masking tape. Available in: yellow. Used mainly in painting and plasters work. Perfect protection of smooth wooden, metal, plastic and glass surfaces. Easily removable, leaving no residue on the surface to which it is applied. SizePackage 48 mm x 22 m24 25 mm x 22 m36 48 mm x 36 m24 38 […]


Blue masking tape – BLUE TAPE

7-days clean removal. Easily removable, leaving no residue or damaging the surface to which it is applied. High adhesion to different types of surfaces (also to plastic, glass) and UV light resistance.Perfect for painting and plasters work. ColorSize blue30/40 blue48/40 blue38/40


Foam tape

High adhesion to all surfaces (metal, wood, glass, plastic). Resistant to ageing, UV light, oils and plastificizers. Used mainly in permanent fixing of different materials. Perfect for insulating and fixing uneven surfaces. Available in: white (to use indoors) black (to use outdors) ColorSize black25 mm x 5 m white25 mm x 10 m black19 mm […]


Duct tape (universal)

EURO-TAPE, on strong polyethylene base with fabric net and strong glue. Water-proof, easy to tear with hands. Wide range of applications, from quick repairs (cracks and tearings) to prevent further damage, up to repairing sails, wires, foils, PVC pipes and rubber. ColorSize silver48 mm x 25 m silver48 mm x 10 m black48 mm x […]


Glue tape

Double sided EUROCEL and EUROCEL Transfer. Used mainly in technological joining as well as polygraphy, photography and office work. Perfectly connects polyethylene, metal and paper. Contains glue only and forms on surfaces a thin self-adhesive layer. Available in premanent and removable form. Application only with TZJ/25 gluing machine. Size 25 mm x 50 19 mm […]


Warning tape

EURO-TAPE, on strong BOPP or PVC foil. Available in black&yelow or red&white. High quality glue, perfect adhesion to all surfaces. Recommended for warning about health or life-threating objects and situations. ColorSize red&white48 mm x 33 m black&yellow48 mm x 33 m black&yellow PVC50 mm x 33 m red&white PVC50 mm x 33 m


Foam enhanced tape

Enhanced with glass fiber. Tear resistant. High quality rubber glue. Strong closing even for heavy boxes and packages. Perfect for palett loads protection as well as flexible furniture joints. Size 50 mm x 50 m 25 mm x 50 m


Safety tape

Red tape with anti-tamper seal. After applying the security tape, its removal will cause the tape to self destruct, leaving marks on both the affixed surface and in the tape. Used for securing packages during transport and storage. Size 50 mm x 50 m


Silver tape (metalized)

EURO-TAPE, damp-resistant, temperature resistant (from -5° up to +50°C). Ideal for ventilation and air-conditioning ducts. Small 1-inch-case perfect for working in hardly accessible places. Size 48 mm x 50 m


PAPER packaging tape

Single sided, on Kraft paper. High quality ecological product (no chemicals, plastic-free), fully recyclable. High durability, strong and firm closing of boxes. Perfect for securing objects in low as well as high temperature. Perfect for labeling (easy to write on). Description: ecological, fully-recyclable cold, heat, light and dampness resistance wide range of applications easy to […]


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