• Taśmy Stark
  • Taśmy pakowe
  • Taśmy pakowe z nadrukiem
  • Folie stretch
  • Etykiety samoprzylepne
Taśmy StarkFolie stretchTaśmy pakoweEtykiety samoprzylepneTaśmy pakowe z nadrukiem

MACHINE packaging tape with overprint

Perfect protection as well as original and effective advertising. On strong and long lasting BOPP foil. Used mainly in automatic packaging lines. Ideal for light as well as heavy boxes. Exceptionally strong initial adhesion, temperature resistance. Available in: clear and brown.
  • non-erasable flexographic overprint (double layer of release)
  • overprint matched according to PANTONE Matching System
  • tape-size dependent parameters of print
  • overprint may be designed by Goodmark Graphic Studio
  • strong adhesion to all surfaces
  • strong initial adhesion
  • stretch-resistant
  • usable in low as well as high temperature
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