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MACHINE stretch foil

Whenever transport is needed, there is always a risk of product damage. High quality machine stretch foil is recommended to minimize this risk.
Universal and practical material perfect for protecting and stabilizing palett loads as well as small objects. Used in automatic wrappers only. Strong, stretchable, much more efficient than hand stretch foil. Fully recyclable. Low price and high efficiency make it one of the most effective solutions on the packaging market.

STANDARD (180%) – the most popular and often used foil, for simple standard wrappers.
POWER (250%) – for fully or semi-automatic wrappers, perfect for heavy loads as well as packages which are unstable during transport.
SUPER POWER (300%) – ideal for automatic lines as well as free-standing wrappers.

  • 500 mm wide (available also in different sizes)
  • thickness: 13-35 microns
  • weight: about 17 kg
  • case: 76 mm in diameter
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