• Taśmy Stark
  • Taśmy pakowe
  • Taśmy pakowe z nadrukiem
  • Folie stretch
  • Etykiety samoprzylepne
Taśmy StarkFolie stretchTaśmy pakoweEtykiety samoprzylepneTaśmy pakowe z nadrukiem

COLOR stretch foil

The best, easiest and most effective way to protect packages stored on paletts. Perfect cover, stabilisation, protection against dirt, dampness and theft. Available in a variety of sizes, depending on customers’ requirements.

  • manual packing only
  • easy coloring
  • individual adjusting of roll weigh
  • high perforation and peeling resistance
  • available in thickness from 13 to 35 μm
  • perfect stretchability and durability
  • 500 mm wide (available also in different sizes)
  • LLDPE material
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