• Taśmy Stark
  • Taśmy pakowe
  • Taśmy pakowe z nadrukiem
  • Folie stretch
  • Etykiety samoprzylepne
Taśmy StarkFolie stretchTaśmy pakoweEtykiety samoprzylepneTaśmy pakowe z nadrukiem

Self-adhesive labels on a roll

Easy and comfortable way of presenting important information on packages. Plain labels enable the client to design and print the text on his own.

Available in a variety of colors:

  • thermal transfer printing – with coloring tape; long lasting; mechanical and chemical resistance depending on coloring tape; available in: matte, half shine and shine.
  • thermal printing – using warmth produced by thermal head; used mainly in applications in which permanent durability is not requested; available with thermal eco and thermal top paper.

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