1. Mission of Goodmark Ltd is to develop constantly and strengthen our position on the market as well as help our customers and employees achieve success.
    Therefore, the aim of our company is constant development, providing products of the highest level to all our Customers and meeting challenges brought by developing market in Poland and abroad. All our employees are actively involved in realization of this mission.
  2. Our motto is “Pursue development to establish standards of the highest quality” Our ambition is to influence and increase the quality of our Customers’ lives. The awareness that one can always do better motivates us in our search for new solutions and better ways to shape better future. Applying new technologies, we offer the best solutions in work organization, products, processes and procedures as well as services. Our Customers’ needs are the source of knowledge which allows us to meet their demands and support realization of ideas. Trust and satisfaction of our Customers is the goal that we pursue daily.
  3. What we value most is:
    • Customers’ satisfaction -we do all we can to know and understand the needs of our Customers and Business Partners and adjust our trade and production solutions.
    • Honesty and reliability – we built our credibility among retail and wholesale Customers by taking full responsibility for our decisions and actions. We maintain the highest standards of service and always meet commitments. We are honest to ourselves and others and we consistently execute the company’s policy.
    • Development and innovations – we strongly believe that our company will continue to grow only if its Employees grow too. For this reason we constantly improve the process of production and raise our qualifications. We participate actively in changes that open new possibilities for the growing number of our Customers.
    • Commitment and cooperation – we consider each decision and action in terms of costs and profits for the company as well as our Customers. Our ambition is to fulfil even the most ambitious goals by effective cooperation.

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